Thursday, September 3, 2009

will i get lucky or will i be the same??

my recent june examinations I only manage to get c6 for my english and e8 for my maths. As you know that I am not that really good in maths but I have tried the best I could.
So overall my results are 4 o`s which is not that impressive enough and for sure your parents wont be proud of it.But hell i`ve tried my best and tryna burst my brain out.

The Point is will i get lucky or will it just be the same?

I`m going to try applying the MTSSR next year which happens to be on march or april.
and the course I am taking,I have not decide it yet.
The thing is will i get there and go back to my normal where i get to wake up early at 6.30 am just to get to school or will it be the same where i get to sleep early at 6.30am?
So whatever it is i`ll be needing your prayers please lemme in.

mr.raymond zakaria.