Thursday, September 11, 2008

katak with his big mouth

ONE fine day,theres this katak jumping around and singing opening his mouth widely,

then ya tejumpa kerbau. katak goes "kerbau kerbauuuuuuuuuuu,kerbau suka makaaaaaaaaan apaaaa?," kerbau goes" kerbau suka makan rumput".Then katak pun lumpat. kerbau feels annoyed with the kataks mouth.

then katak meets tiger. katak goes " rimau rimauuuuuuu,rimau suka makan apaaaaaaaaaa?,' dengan mulutnya basar. tiger goes "rimau suka makan daging." owhhh nya he went away.

then he met ular. katak goes."Ular ularrrrrrrrr,ularrrrr suka makan apaaaaaaaaaaa?,". ular goes " ular sukaaaaaaaaaaa makan katak yang mulutnya basar,". "ya kah?" exclaimed katak with his mouth open.but not widely.ahahaha