Sunday, July 27, 2008

vroom vrooom itsk itsk..

tadi aku minjamkan arah rossi.kalah ya eyhh.nanesh ya.haha

vespa fiaggio born in 1979

baru sampai dari pakis-tan

nintendo ds satu mah!

last thursday night,celebrating najmi`s birthday.he doesn`t look cheerful as everyone does on their birthday.its not that we didn`t greet him or so whatever.haha he want this lil dual screen game so called the nintendo DS(it can be dual-screen or in malay dua skrin lah tuu ahh)hahaha funny.

here the story goes, najmi were all upset on his birthday,no one granted what he wished for.kesian kan.ahaha it was present opening time.he was hoping that ada small box which may be nintendo DS.but then all the boxes are massive.i mean inda massive banar lah.let it be big macam kutak indo mee.hahaha.then najmi goes for the big box first.he predict that it`ll be indo mee pulang tuu.ahaha.
but then yes!! it is indo mee. kasian najmi.

he tear the wrappers,went through the box.there`s nothing inside at first.only papers kana kuluk kuluk so when he shake it,it makes a sound macam indo mee kana guncang he went through all the papers.skali ya nampak adaptor nintendo DS atuu kan.duhhh boy its a hint.still he is unhappy.haha so he search for it all over in the box. then in a sudden he was smiling.haha ya jumpa that nintendo DS in that box.haha finally he was happy.his wish was granted.

i hope my birthday present will be such a big box.i dont mind if its boxes dari pampers or so what.haha mana tau ps3 kah~or or laptop kah such a thing which is big lah yang penting.hahaha

picture of najmi dapat nintendo DS.
haha all day marung ani macam kambing tekantut tia usulnya.
jangan marah eyy~

"mama ada nintendo DS"

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

happy birthday ahmed najmi.haha basayyy sudah nii..

Him with aleem.
he is 9 years old now.basar sudah.
happy birthday dearest brother.
psstt..ps3 is a fine wish on your birthday.
hahaa not nintendo ds.
make it wii at least.
help the brother.haha

tomorrow my vespa datang yeahhh

Sunday, July 20, 2008

shutter sunglasses xD

no no now dont kill me,it only makes me stronger.hahaha
cant take me with the pics. pasal ada cacar!!
too bad.

dari rumah ke gorkha another week.
bohoooo i miss school.
then after gorkha we go kfc.
eyyyh! satu amoy!!

this is the maxx

the flaming zinger maxx yeahhh!!
crunchy chicken
cheesy inside
nice veggies
but small chips.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

chicken pox is disgusting much.


hahahah injured saya masih.cant wait to be back in actioon

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

a week of disaster

Monday-they are leaving to kl. exam qualifying english. Its so damn hard yet confusing.
Tuesday-My body temp started to rise up up and away~
Today- okay happy awal awal inda sekolah. Eveningnya kan, kan mandi so as usual stripping lah dulu hahaha xD.Skali i found out red dots arah my badan. I thought a zit. Skali watery this is not a zit. then what? guess what is it???


So, I`m a bit confuse bahh.some said pernah kana.but then kana lagi.and if belum pun before my adiks adiks kena why aku inda kena?weird weird weird.haha sorry no pics. kemaluan kali ahhh.

jailed xD

Monday, July 14, 2008

Human Seahorse

ciuman yang selalunya dilakukan oleh suami terhadap isteri.tetapi apa kan daya ianya songsang tebalik dahh.bukan salah bapa mengandung salah ibu tak pakai kain sarung.wawawawa


human mirror


Sunday, July 6, 2008

red devils rumours and transfers.

Bastian Schweinsteiger

Rafael Van Der Vart

Karim Benzema

Klaas Jan Huntelaar

Dimitar Berbatov

Saturday, July 5, 2008

something about mary,haha right~entah ahh

i <3>